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Advanced Environmental Solutions

Adensol stands for Advanced Environmental Solutions and is specialized in the recycling of solid and liquid waste.

Starting from the European environmental legislation, our goal is to have your waste products processed by reputable partners into a high-quality end product.

Our vision

We are a European liaison between the producer and the processor of waste products with an eye for the relevant legislation and regulations.

We are convinced that we are with ...

  •   Our 20 years of experience

  •   A continuous innovation

  •   An open communication

  •   An extensive network

  •   An advising role

...the support basis for a dynamic partnership with you as a customer, to process your waste materials in the highest quality way.

We attach great importance to safety, health, quality and the environment.

Our mission

Adensol always opts for 100% recycling of waste streams.

Our commitment sounds as the following: "We are only satisfied with the best result." We also impose this requirement on our own selected partners. The approved transporters, the processing installations and the subcontractors are selected for the qualities in their field.

We help you with a quick administrative handling of your environmental accounting.

Adensol is determined to continually improve its VCA **, ISO 14001, quality assurance system, recognition as a collector, broker and trader in Flanders, Wallonia, Brussels and the Netherlands. Employees are well informed and given the opportunity to retrain. We are working on an accident-free working environment and have an eye for the environment.

Our policy statement

As managing director of Adensol, we are convinced that care for safety, health and the environment (VGM) is of vital importance to our company.

The VGM relates to:

  •   All activities of Adensol (Company No. 0817.157.001 - Establishment unit no. 2.179.483.991), this concerns:

    • Collecting, trading and brokering waste
    • Disassembling, retrieving and processing transformers
  •   All activities in the Beveren-Waas office, on client yards, subcontractors, ... or transport outsourced to subcontractors.

Starting from European safety, health and environmental legislation, Adensol's goal is to have waste products processed by reputable partners into a high-quality end product.

To achieve this common goal, the following policy principles apply:

  •   Preventing personal injury

  •   Preventing material and environmental damage

  •   Striving for continuous improvement in the field of HSE

  •   Complying with the relevant environmental legislation, ISO 14001 standard and other requirements, such as those of customers

  •   Compliance with a quality assurance system based on the principle of risk analysis, integrated chain management, traceability and self-monitoring

  •   Drafting environmental requirements in the choice of waste conveyors

  •   A commitment covers the protection of the environment, including prevention of environmental pollution and (an)other specific commitment(s) relevant to the context of the organization

Adensol implements an environmental management system according to ISO 14001 and a VGM system according to VCA **. The company strives for continuous improvement of these systems and the SHE performance through the translation of the policy lines into measurable SHE objectives and control measures.

At Adensol BVBA there is a zero tolerance for bribery and corruption. We strive for honest and ethical entrepreneurship.

This policy acquisition is made known to all employees, customers, subcontractors, other stakeholders and is also available to the public.

The manager and all employees commit themselves fully to applying these policy principles on a daily basis within and outside the organization.

We strive to do business with partners who have a similar policy for bribery, corruption, safety, health and the environment.

For approval,

Jan Engels
Managing director
Adensol BVBA


Our Team

Jan Engels

Managing Director

Evi De Waele

Administration, quality & safety officer

Gerda Mertens

Sales manager

Paul Van Olmen

Project leader

Our Values


Active since 1993 in the recycling and waste sector
Extensive knowledge of European environmental legislation


Leaning on an extensive international network of:

Flexible transporters, renowned European high-quality processing installations, skilled subcontractors

Continuous innovation, minimal costs, focus on order, cleanliness, safety and the environment


Open communication
Advising role
Tailored to your business strategy in all confidentiality
Only satisfied with the best result


Optimal service