Our Services

Adensol specializes in the processing of:


Administrative process:

  • Collect data from the transformer
  • Create quotation
  • Create safety planes
  • Risk analysis and lifting plans

Useful information:

A transformer on PCB-containing or PCB free oil? By means of an analysis, we examine whether or not your transformer uses PCB-containing oil.

The material that remains after our process is brought to a recognized processor for recycling.

Thanks to our personal guidance during the processing of your transformer, we can assess each situation separately. This allows us to guarantee you the lowest possible cost and the highest possible added value.

Glycol containing products

Glycol and glycol-containing products are collected with tankers and distilled in a specialized processing factory.

In our own production laboratories we monitor the quality of the purified glycol and glycol ethers so that they meet the specifications of the customers in the automotive and chemical industries.

We process:

  • Cooling fluids
  • Brake fluids
  • Wastewater with glycol

Administrative process:

  • The customer reports the waste with the tonnage
  • We contact the transporters and the processors and plan the transports after consultation with the customer.
  • After the execution the weights are transferred to us.
  • The collected data are mentioned in the environmental accounting and on the invoice.

We guarantee:

Correct price

Adensol stands for an efficient process together with a good price for glycol-containing products.

Good quality

We monitor the quality of the processing by ensuring that permanent transporters and processors with the necessary experience are present throughout the entire process.

Informed customers

Adensol can give the chemical composition of purified glycol and glycol ethers to customers who need it in their field.

Fire extinguisher

All types

Fire extinguishers (with both fire-extinguishing foam or extinguishing powder) are dismantled by certified employees in an environmentally friendly way in a very professional manner.


The various metals, plastics, liquids and powders are separated in a responsible manner and subsequently transported and reused in other products.


We have the solution for both fire-extinguishing foam and fire-extinguishing powder where it can be recycled for 100% to, for example, soil improver.

Certified employees

Our employees have received specific training to open fire extinguishers so that they can be processed in the right way.

Starting from one pallet

Our services can be switched on starting from one pallet of fire extinguishers.

Waste products

(Overstock, Einde Stock of Off-Spec)

We conduct our analysis on your waste products, after which we will propose an appropriate processing method. As soon as we have your agreement, we are responsible for the transport and processing thereof. And all of this within our extensive European network.

Adensol uses a logistics system that is aimed at collecting the relevant waste products from the customer as quickly as possible. Through an extensive network of talented transporters, we can guarantee the safety of this process. Through our network of processors, we then look for the best solution to recycle the waste (R code) and if that does not work, we focus on the most environmentally friendly way to remove it (D code).

For the environmental certificate to be completed, we collect every administrative data of the waste material. This includes the product name, Eural code, processing code, weight, transporter and processor. Together with the invoice and the receipt, the customer has sufficient data for his environmental accounting.

We process:

Various chemicals

Acids, solvents, bases, TEG, MEG,…